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THEY LIVE® Probiotic (30 caps)

NLT 40 BILLION CFU at the time of manufacture | NLT 20 BILLION CFU guaranteed through expiration date

A quality diet and intense exercise program is important, and many lifestyle factors affect the “good bacteria” in your gut. However, Insane Labz THEY LIVE® probiotic blend contains 8 strains of high-quality “good bacteria” to help facilitate a healthy microbiome. The microorganisms in Insane Labz THEY LIVE® probiotic are species of two main genera. These are the most studied of probiotics, Lactobacillus and Bifidobacterium. The genus of Lactobacillus bacteria produces lactase which is the enzyme that breaks down lactose, or milk sugar. These bacteria also produce lactic acid which helps control the population of bad bacteria in the body. It also serves as muscle fuel and increases the body’s absorption of nutrients and minerals.  Lactobacillus bacteria are found naturally in the mouth and small intestine. Bifidobacterium is the genus of bacteria that are used in foods and supplements. This genus helps to support the immune system, limit the growth of harmful bacteria in the intestine and to help break down lactose into nutrients so that the body can use them. Insane Labz THEY LIVE® contains live cultures, multiple, more effective species of bacteria and a substantial quantity of bacteria to form colonies.

Benefits of THEY LIVE® Probiotics

Mental Health

Research shows taking probiotics may help improve symptoms of mental health disorders such as depression, anxiety, stress, and memory, among others. Both animal and human studies find that probiotic supplements can improve some mental health disorders. Human studies have that found supplementing the diet with Bifidobacterium and Lactobacillus strains for 1–2 months can improve anxiety, depression, autism, obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) and memory.  Benefits were also seen in a study of 40 patients with depression taking probiotic supplements for 8 weeks which decreased depression levels and reduced levels of C-reactive protein (a marker of inflammation) and hormones such as insulin, compared to people who did not take a probiotic.

Probiotics may also help to keep the heart healthy by lowering “bad” LDL cholesterol levels as well as lowering blood pressure. These certain lactic acid producing bacteria may help to reduce cholesterol by breaking down bile in the digestive tract. When broken down, bile can no longer enter the blood as cholesterol.

GI Health

In the United States, over one million people suffer from inflammatory bowel diseases, including ulcerative colitis and Crohn’s disease. Probiotics may help reduce the symptoms of bowel disorders like ulcerative colitis, IBS, and necrotizing enterocolitis. Certain types of probiotics from the Bifidobacterium and Lactobacillus strains have improved symptoms in people with mild ulcerative colitis. Research also suggests that they may help with symptoms associated with irritable bowel syndrome.

Weight Loss

Some research suggests the individuals with obesity have different gut microbiome than those who are lean or healthy bodyweight. While there is still research needed, some studies suggest that certain strains of probiotics aid in weight loss. Some probiotics prevent the absorption of dietary fat in the intestine, with the fat being excreted through waste rather than being stored in the body

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